Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

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We compared auto insurance quotes in the state of Colorado to identify the cheapest insurers and rates in each city. Across the 70+ cities in our analysis, the average cost to insure a car with basic liability protection was $1,359 a year – about $113 a month. While rates can vary based on where a driver lives, the biggest impact on costs is variability in companies’ quotes. The highest quote in one city, for example, was $1,758 or 29% higher than the cheapest car insurance company’s quote. This illustrates why consumers should always get quotes from at least three companies so they can compare. Read more about this below, or type your zip code above now to see a list of cheap companies operating in your area.

Cheap Car Insurance in Colorado

The five companies with the cheapest car insurance rates in Colorado were: Grange, State Farm, American Family, Auto Owners and The Hartford. Together, the five cheapest companies in Colorado charged an average rate of $1,006 each year to insure a vehicle. Compared to the overall state average, these companies were 26% lower, on average.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

This list is based on the companies’ average annual premiums for a sample 30 year old male motorist across 69 cities in Colorado. Just bear in mind that your actual quotes will be different depending on your characteristics and driving history. For more specific results, submit your zip code for a list of companies to begin comparing cheap car insurance quotes.

Company Yearly Rate
Grange Insurance Association $847
State Farm $967
American Family $1,025
Auto Owners $1,096
The Hartford $1,096
Allied $1,102
Progressive $1,160
Farmers $1,299
GEICO $1,497
Allstate $1,501
MetLife $1,596
Encompass $1,773
Colorado Farm Bureau $1,899
Unitrin $2,172

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado: by City

We’ll also take a look at how the cheapest rates and companies can vary across by city in Colorado. Often, where a driver lives and garages their vehicle heavily influences the insurance rates they see, and which companies have the best rates in that area.

This table below lists the three companies with the cheapest rates in 69 cities in Colorado, in alphabetical order. Yearly premiums are based on a single 30-year old male driver, so your actual quotes will be different and tailored to your insurance needs and circumstances. Next, we’ll provide more detail for a selection of cities in the Centennial State.

Denver, CO

Denver is the most expensive city for car insurance on our list with an average cost 29% higher than the state average. Auto insurance for Denver drivers can cost $1,758 a year. Nicknamed the Mile High City, Denver is situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains some 5,300 feet above sea level. It is home to more than 600,000 residents, the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Denver Nuggets.

Even though auto insurance is the most expensive in Denver, there is always room to save. For cheap auto insurance rates in Denver, we suggest starting with quotes from Grange, State Farm, and Auto Owners. The three insurers above had the best car insurance quotes, on average, of $1,152 per year for basic coverage of bodily liability and property damage. That’s a 34% decrease compared to the citywide mean. The next best provider with the lowest rates in Denver is American Family and Allied.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Colorado Springs, CO

The Centennial State’s second largest city, Colorado Springs is home to 426,000 residents and the United States Air Force Academy. There is a plethora of natural beauty for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. The city is situated at the base of Pike’s Peak, one of Colorado’s vaunted 14ers that inspired the national song “America, the Beautiful”. The companies with the cheapest car insurance quotes in Colorado Springs are American Family, Auto Owners and Grange. On average, the five cheapest companies charged about $1,010 a year to insure a vehicle in the city. Compared to $1,379 (the average annual cost of car insurance in Colorado Springs), getting a quote from one of these providers could save the city’s drivers 27%.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Aurora, CO

Aurora is the fourth most expensive city for auto insurance in Colorado. Drivers in Aurora can pay $1,574 a year to insure their vehicles – about 16% costlier than the state average. With a population of 325,000, Aurora is the third most populous city in the Centennial State. The Buckley Air Force Base, which is Aurora’s largest employer, is located in Aurora.

Despite the city’s status as the second most expensive in the state, there is opportunity for consumers to lower their car insurance costs through comparing quotes. For civilians, Grange, Auto Owners and State Farm are three of the cheapest insurers in Aurora. These three providers had an average rate of $1,012 per year for basic liability and property damage coverage – which is $562 or 36% lower than what the typical Aurora insurer charges. American Family and the Hartford complete the top five providers with the best rates in Aurora for the average driver.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins has the second cheapest car insurance rates for our driver. It’s a university town – home to Colorado State University, to be specific – with a population of 144,000 located near the Rocky Mountains. Auto insurance here costs $1,178, which is 13% lower than the state average. For low-cost auto insurance in Fort Collins, we suggest obtaining quotes from Grange, Auto Owners and State Farm. Among these three companies, the average annual quote for the typical driver was $840, which would have saved him or her 29% compared to the city average. the city.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Pueblo, CO

Pueblo, the seventh largest city in Colorado with 107,000 residents, is our third most expensive city for auto insurance. The annual cost of auto insurance for the city’s drivers is $1,558, which is 15% costlier than the state average. Pueblo is nicknamed the “City of Heroes” for producing a number of Medal of Honor recipients. How can motorists save on insurance costs in Pueblo? We suggest obtaining and comparing quotes from Grange, American Family and Auto Owners. The three general providers had the lowest auto insurance rates in Pueblo by about 32% when compared to the citywide average ($1,056 versus $1,558). For two additional suggestions, Allied and State Farm round out the most affordable companies in Pueblo.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Arvada, CO

The traffic signal installed at the corner of Olde Wadsworth Boulevard and Grandview Avenue in Arvada was the first of its kind in Jefferson County. It is also said that former resident T. H. Krause invented the turn signal that governs rules of the roads today. When it comes to auto insurance, Arvada drivers can see costs of $1,365 a year.

Drivers in Arvada looking to save on car insurance costs should obtain and compare quotes from Grange, Auto Owners and State Farm at a minimum. At $932 per year, these three companies had some of the lowest rates insured vehicles in Arvada. This figure represents a 32% decrease against what the typical insurance provider in the city charges.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Westminster, CO

Centrally located between Denver and Boulder, Westminster is a growing suburb community. It has been recognized by Money magazine as a “Best Place to Live”, and with sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains and access to a plethora of recreational activities – it’s easy to see how it garnered that distinction. At $1,382 per year, the cost of automobile insurance is just $23 more than the state average. We found the best rates for auto insurance in Westminster at Grange, State Farm and Auto Owners – quotes among the three clustered around the $948 level. With these cheap rates, drivers could reduce their costs by 31% versus the average insurance company underwriting in Westminster.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Loveland, CO

Known as the Sweetheart City, Loveland is the city with the most affordable auto insurance costs in Colorado. It is centrally located and accessible to larger cities and colleges such as Boulder, Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado at Greeley, and Colorado University at Boulder. Great news for these commuters: the cost of car insurance here is $1,177 a year, about 13% cheaper than the Colorado average. Grange, Auto Owners, State Farm, The Hartford, and Allied make up the five companies with the best rates for car insurance in Loveland. Annual rates at these companies averaged $869. Already being the cheapest city in the state, going with those 5 companies further reduces rates an additional 25%.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

LaPorte, CO

The annual cost of auto insurance in LaPorte is $1,190, which is the third lowest cost in Colorado. LaPorte was the site of the first European settlement in Larimer County, and began as a hunting and fur-trapping community. It is home to approximately 2,700 residents, which makes it the smallest city on our top ten cheapest list in terms of population. To drivers in search of low-cost car insurance in LaPorte: include quotes from Grange, Auto Owners and State Farm, when comparison shopping. These three companies had annual costs of $840 on average – $350 cheaper than the prevailing rate charged by the typical insurer in LaPorte.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Windsor, CO

Sixth cheapest in Colorado, Windsor, a town with roots in wheat production and sugar beet harvesting. Today, out of the 19,000 residents, those who drive pay $1,216 a year on average to insure their cars. That rate is 11% lower than the state average. Who has the best auto insurance quotes in Windsor? Grange, Auto Owners and State Farm had the lowest auto insurance rates for the civilian driver. These three companies charged on average $852 for car insurance, which is 30% more affordable compared to the average rates in Windsor. Allied and The Hartford round out the five general insurance companies in Windsor with the best rates.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Longmont, CO

Located in the St. Vrain Valley, Longmont is named after Long’s Peak, a towering 14,000 foot mountain nearby. The city is the first in Boulder County with a grid plan for its streets – great for drivers navigating the city. It ranks as the tenth cheapest city in Colorado for car insurance with costs of $104 a month, or $1,244 a year. Longmont drivers should obtain and evaluate quotes from Grange, State Farm and Auto Owners. At an average rate of $880 annually, they had the lowest rates for car insurance out of the companies we surveyed in Longmont. Compared to the citywide average, drivers could see rates that are 29% lower with these companies.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Bailey, CO

The seventh most expensive spot in Colorado has the lowest population among our Top Five with 8,000 residents. That’s Bailey, a community located in the northeast of Park County. Auto insurance in this rustic mountain town is 11% higher than the state average at $1,546 a year. Even though Bailey drivers pay the fifth highest rates in the state, savings can be had with some price comparison. Our team found the cheapest quotes for car insurance in Bailey at Grange, Allied and Auto Owners. For some context, average costs at these providers was $1,016 per year–34% or $530 cheaper than what the average insurer charged in Bailey.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Commerce City, CO

The fourth most expensive city for car insurance in Colorado is Commerce City. Located in Adams County, Commerce City is home to 46,000 denizens, and is just seven miles away from Denver. It can cost $1,552 a year for a driver to insure his car in Commerce City – 14% more expensive than the statewide average. Living and driving in Commerce City doesn’t mean having to pay high rates, however. Some of the cheapest auto insurance rates we saw in Commerce City were at Grange, State Farm and Auto Owners. The cost of basic liability protection among these three companies averaged $1,036 per year, which was 33% better than the citywide average.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

Best Car Insurance Companies in Colorado

To determine who the best car insurance company is in Colorado, we’ve chosen one quantitative metric: insurers’ confirmed complaint index numbers. While there are many qualitative factors consumers should consider, a complaint index number is one uniform standard that multiple companies can be measured against. The index number compares a company’s share of confirmed complaints versus its share of business or premiums in Colorado. A confirmed complaint is a complaint founded by the state of Colorado to violate a law or disregard a contractual policy provision. The lower a complaint index number, the better the auto insurance company has performed relative to its competitors.

A number of auto insurance companies in Colorado lead the group with zero justified complaints – 21st Century, Acuity Insurance, and AIG are just a few examples based on an alphabetic sort. Out of the top six cheap car insurance companies in our graph above, USAA, State Farm, and American Family rank better than other companies. Farmers and GEICO performed slightly worse than the average insurer in Colorado based on this metric.

Company Premiums ($MM) Index Number
21st Century 11.6 0.00
Acuity Insurance 3.33 0.00
AIG 3.51 0.00
Alliance Insurance Group 3.2 0.00
ANPAC 21.88 0.00
Arizona Automobile Insurance Company 4.97 0.00
California Casualty 8.84 0.00
CSAA Insurance 21.39 0.00
Farmers Union Insurance 12.92 0.00
Great Northern Insurance 6.66 0.00
Horace Mann 4.84 0.00
Markel Insurance 3.5 0.00
Secura Insurance 4.01 0.00
Shelter 25.51 0.00
Hartford 64.52 0.26
Esurance 31.57 0.26
Nationwide 26.38 0.31
Amica 17.03 0.49
Progressive 320.07 0.59
State Auto 13.45 0.62
USAA 279.5 0.62
Allied 24.67 0.67
Colorado Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co 24.66 0.67
State Farm 590.19 0.74
Travelers 41.69 0.79
American Family 256.23 0.81
Allstate 223.12 0.82
Auto-Owners 18.81 0.88
Sentry 15.7 1.05
Encompass 7.76 1.07
Farmers 269.34 1.11
GEICO 253.68 1.14
MetLife 35.03 1.18
Safeco 93.31 1.24
Country Financial Insurance 25.17 1.32
Foremost 5.57 1.49
Safeway 5.26 1.57
Occidental Fire & Casualty 4.56 1.82
Liberty Mutual 58.86 2.25
Electric 3.61 2.29
Ameriprise 10.62 2.34
Alpha Property & Casualty 15.58 2.66
Kemper 3 2.76
Victoria Insurance 10.68 3.10
Bristol West 37.22 3.11
Mendota 9.39 3.53
The General 16.58 3.99
Dairyland 23.01 4.68
Loya Group 34.88 6.64
Grange Insurance 2.85 8.71
National General 3.33 9.94

Cost of Car Insurance in Colorado: Averages by City

From Loveland to Denver, below is a graph ranking cities from those with the lowest costs to the highest costs. The list is anchored by two of the Centennial State’s most populous cities, and represents a sample size that is 66% of the overall state population. Across these sixty plus cities, the mean annual cost of car insurance is $1,359. A slight majority of the cities – 53% to be exact – had average rates that were higher than the state average, while 47% tended towards the less expensive half.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Auto Insurance Quotes in Denver, Colorado?

How We Conducted the Study

We based our study on the auto insurance rates for a 30 year old male driving in sixty eight cities in Colorado. He owns his own home and drives a 2011 Toyota Camry about 12,000 miles a year to and from work for the most part. He has had a clean driving and traffic record for the past five years and a good credit history as well.

The rates are based on roughly twice the insurance coverage mandated by the state of Colorado. Colorado requires auto insurance with a minimum of bodily injury protection of $25,000 per person up to $50,000 per accident, and $15,000 for property damage per accident.

Type of Insurance Colorado Required Minimum Study Limits
Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) $25,000 per person, and $50,000 per person, and
up to $50,000 per accident up to $100,000 per accident
Property Damage $15,000 per accident $25,000
Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist BIL $50,000 per person, and
up to $100,000 per accident
Collision / Comprehensive Deductible $500

Article Source: https://www.valuepenguin.com/best-cheap-car-insurance-colorado

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